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JCO-8119 RM2 Heavy Metal Grease (for metal to metal assemblies)

JCO-8119 RM2 Heavy Metal Grease (for metal to metal assemblies)

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JCO-8119 RM2 Heavy Metal Grease (for metal to metal assemblies)

For use – metal ring & pinion gears, CVA’s, diff out-drives, diff o-rings, misc, metal to metal assemblies

JConcepts, together with RM2 brings you the heavy-metal grease for a multitude of uses in the rc industry. The competition starts in the pits during rebuilds, freshening a car or simply building a new kit. The heavy-metal grease is the perfect complement for metal to metal parts in the drive-line such as ring and pinion gear assemblies. It’s also a great spread for CVA’s, diff out-drives and inside the diff on the seated o-rings. 

Ryan Maifield has a need for speed, and on the dirt track, it’s important to have a smooth running, free working and long lasting drive-line that can handle the most extreme conditions. Ryan has spent the better part of 2 years searching out the combination that belongs in his race cars and this heavy-metal grease is where it’s at. For ring and pinion gears, apply a small amount around the circumference of each and roll together gently before completely closing the diff cases.  

For o-rings in the diff, it’s important to coat the metal pieces first and a tiny bit on the o-rings so the rotation can be free of ceasing during heavy running. For CVA’s and bone assemblies, apply a liberal amount against the barrel portion of the CVA and assemble and work into position. Once the vehicle is completely assembled, always roll-over the drive-line so all the lubricants take a nice set in position and evenly coat frictional areas. The heavy-metal grease can also be used on the thrust assembly on a 1/10th off-road differential and is an all-around handy grease for many different applications.


  • High quality grease, thick consistency 
  • Enough quantity for several builds or re-builds
  • Clean and simple container for application and storage
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