Spec Motor Rules

Spec Motor Rules

2022-2023 Spec Sealed Motor Rules Package

  • Classes: Latemodel, Sportsman Sprint, MidWest Modified, & Street Stock

  • Motor Purchase Policy:
    Motors must be purchased from Go Fast Raceway at the cost of $65 per motor. Or one of the participating race tracks. Motors can not be purchased from an outside vendor. Motors purchased from another race track must be checked by race director before a racer can use them, and they must have a valid serial numbers and be sealed properly. If motors do not have that, they will not be allowed to be used for racing. Racers will be allowed to use 2 motors per class throughout the season and that is it. The race season at Go Fast is September 2022 through April 2023. Motors will be assigned a serial number to a class if a racer wants to use the same motor for multiple classes that is ok, but it will count as one of there motors for that class.

  • Motor Tech Policy:
    Motors will be checked at race directors discretion for class verification by checking the following… serial number verification, checking motor seals have not been tampered with, motors may have to be removed from the cars. Any evidence of motor tampering will not be tolerated and you will be banned for life from Go Fast Raceway if found cheating.

  • Participating tracks:
    Trackside RC Hobbies & Raceway
    Teas Hobbies & Speedway
    Fast5 RC Raceway
    Limestone RC Raceway
    Go Fast Raceway


More may be added later.

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