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JConcepts Sprinters

Looking for some new tires for next weeks race?? Check out Go Fast Hobbies or all your JConcepts or your next set of tires and more!!

With the popularity of dirt-oval racing, vehicles being designed with either mid-motor or laydown transmission options, a new generation pin style, and carcass/outer tread design was needed. The outer sidewall of the tire has angled pins incorporated into the design to help provide the rotation not only needed in dirt off-road, but specifically in dirt-oval racing.

Check for Sprinter Tires Here!


Are you into the vintage Team Associated RC10, RC10T, B3, B4 rc cars?! Then check out the NEW Fan RC reproduction parts available!!

Check Out Fan RC Here!!

Custom Works RC

Custom Works RC

Custom Works RC products at Go Fast Hobbies! Get your Custom Works... 

NEW Custom Works RC Metric arms & mounts

Looking for those NEW Custom Works parts for you cars?! We have the new metric parts IN STOCK NOW at Go Fast Hobbies!! Get your orders in today before they are sold out!!

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