General Rules

General Rules

General Track Rules

NO illegal drugs or alcohol permitted on the property.

Absolutely NO yelling and/or screaming permitted on the property.

Not responsible for any lost or stolen items and/or vehicle damage.

Not responsible for any personal injury.

No traction compounds with a chemical order or strong smell will be allowed in the building. For example Gravity RC LG2 or any other traction compound with low oder smell will be allowed.

All batteries MUST be charged in a Lipo Sack. Batteries should not exceed 8.44 volts, will be checked with volt meter. No heating pads or devices for batteries.

Speed controls MUST be in Spec/Blinky mode per class rules. Can and will be tested on a Blinky Buster.

For the complete DODC rules please see

It is not our responsibility to make sure your cars are legal, it is your responsibility to make sure they are! If you are told to change something, then simply fix the problem and move on.

If you have questions on a race day please ask!

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