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RC10 diamond wing tubes - 2pc.

RC10 diamond wing tubes - 2pc.

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RC10 diamond wing tubes
Fits - all RC10 buggies

The RC10 vehicles have high-end appeal with so much aluminum present on each vehicle. An important functional point on each vehicle are the wing tubes and for years drivers have detailed the tubes by polishing, anodizing and custom machining. JConcepts is bringing a custom aluminum wing tube to market with a custom machined hex creating a mind busting look with the diamond pattern. Available in black and silver color schemes, the diamond tubes in black jump out with a pattern of black hex flats matching a gold or black chassis combination.

The tubes in silver raise the glamour level in the rear bulkhead area and can be matched to any other anodized chassis color. The tubes are sized to slide into the bulkhead and press into position similar to the stock components.

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