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2.25 Titanium Turnbuckle, QS-1257

2.25 Titanium Turnbuckle, QS-1257

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Team GFRP / Quasi Speed 2.25 length Titanium Turnbuckle, sold as a Pair. Fits all Team GFRP Cars. QS-1257, qs1257

Works with GFRP cars M1, Hustler, Mistress, Apollo, Havoc, GFR1, Assault, Assault 21, Assault 23, Assault 24, Assailant, Assailant 21, Assailant 23, Assailant 24, Prodigy, Podium, Paradigm, Midget, Atlas, high bite, HB

Formerly gfr1278, GFR-1278, 57d-1061, and 57-1061

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