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ProTek RC

PTK-5652 - ProTek RC 6mm EZ Solder Splice Tube Sleeves (5) (12-10awg Wire)

PTK-5652 - ProTek RC 6mm EZ Solder Splice Tube Sleeves (5) (12-10awg Wire)

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ProTek RC 6mm EZ Solder Splice Tube Sleeves (5) (12-10awg Wire) PTK-5652

ProTek R/C 6mm EZ Solder Sleeves are heat-shrinkable solder-type butt connectors designed to make splicing 12-10awg wires simple and effective. Compatible with both surface and air applications, as well as a variety of other uses, these solder sleeves provide a reliable alternative to soldering, crimping, and conventional twist-on-style closed-end connectors. 

The tubes feature a prefluxed solder ring that helps you achieve an effective low resistance connection, while the adhesive rings help to create a secure, waterproof seal on the wire. Plus, the transparent heat shrink allows you to inspect the connection, remains flexible for strain relief and insulates the junction. Package includes five sleeves.

  • Easy to use: With a very simple design these solder sleeves are easy to use, and allow a single step soldered, sealed and insulated connection. Install with a heat gun, torch or lighter. Clear sleeve allows precise wire positioning for an effective connection. 
  • Effective: These solder sleeves perform well in almost every situation where soldering is needed. Extending battery wires, motor wires, and more.
  • Durable: Materials offer a high quality solder connection with no measurable resistance, and the heat shrink material remains flexible and allows inspection of the junction.
  • Waterproof: Each sleeve includes waterproofing adhesive. Once melted the wire becomes waterproof.

Diameter: 6mm
Compatible Wire: 12-10awg 
Shrink Ratio: 2:1

Operating Temperature: -55°C to 125°C
Minimum temp to shrink plastic tubing: 80° C / 176° F
Minimum temp to melt solder sleeve: 138° C / 280°  F

  1. Strip approximately 1/3" (8.5mm) of the shielding from your wires.
  2. Slip the appropriate size solder sleeve connector over one half of the exposed wire. 
  3. Slide the two wire ends together so that the exposed wire strands intertwine with each other. 
  4. Slip the solder sleeve connector over the connection so that the solder ring is centered on the exposed wire. 
  5. Apply heat to solder sleeve until the solder melts. 
  6. Apply heat to the adhesive glue rings.
  7. Wait a minute for it to cool before applying tension or pressure to the wire.
  8. Finished
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