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JConcepts Traxxas Big Bore Shock Limiter Kit (Red) (24) (RM2 Edition) JCO-8137

JConcepts Traxxas Big Bore Shock Limiter Kit (Red) (24) (RM2 Edition) JCO-8137

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JConcepts Traxxas Big Bore Shock Limiter Kit (Red) (24) (RM2 Edition) JCO-8137

The JConcepts RM2 Edition Traxxas Big Bore Shock Limiter Kit allows you to easily adjust your shocks to changing track conditions. Up and down travel are huge adjustments, with one taking place outside the shock and another, inside the shock. These JConcepts RM2 limiters are made from lightweight injection molded spacers in multiple increments to make easy vehicle adjustments. First, the down travel limiters are precision molded in 1, 2, 3, and 6mm lengths to achieve a wide range of options. The outside limiters, included in the same length, are clip based with a small opening so adjustments can be made on the fly to the outside. This universal kit includes limiters to work with both 3 and 3.5mm thick shock shafts. 

In addition to limiters this set also includes shock ride height adjusters. Some vehicles use clip based, shock, ride-height adjusters such as the Traxxas Slash, Rustler, Stampede, Bandit, Drag Slash, Slash 4x4, Rustler 4x4, and Stampede 4x4. RM2 has included an assortment of extra clip-in ride height adjusters so even more tuning can take place or simply replace something that is missing after an extreme bashing fest. The set is available in RM2 Red and includes 24 total pieces making it an excellent item to add in any toolbox.


  • Precision molded, lightweight
  • Down travel, 1,2,3, and 6mm lengths
  • Up travel, clip based, quick adjustments
  • Ride height clips included quick bashing tuning
  • Available in RM2 Red
  • 24 total pieces included per package
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