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JCO-8121 RM2 Red O-Ring Grease

JCO-8121 RM2 Red O-Ring Grease

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JCO-8121 RM2 Red O-Ring Grease

For use – O-ring grease, pack and treatment, enough quantity for several builds or re-builds.

Vehicle builds and rebuilds center quite frequently around the shock absorbers. The RM2 Red grease is part of delicate treatment process which helps seal the shock shaft to O-rings and prevents unwanted leakage while still smooth enough to maintain the plush action a race shock requires. Another added bonus of using a treatment in this area is additional protection against dirt, dust and built-up on the shock-shafts, this can lead to less damage on the shafts during heavy-usage. 

Ryan recommends adding a light amount of the Red grease to O-Rings during a fresh build. Lightly spread a fine coat on the outside of a O-rings and plastic washers. Insert the parts in to the shock body gland and assemble as per instructions. Add a tiny bit of Red grease to the treads of the shock-shaft before inserting into the body and in to the gland area. When sliding the shock shaft in to the assembly, move slowly through the O-ring and plastic washer portion allowing the shaft and treads to slightly spread the grease along the inner surfaces. After shock shaft install, wipe the end clean and complete assembly as normal. 

For quality, performance and proven results look no further than RM2 products by JConcepts. 


  • High quality grease, smooth consistency 
  • Enough quantity for several builds or re-builds
  • Clean and simple container for application and storage
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