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Mono - 1.9" RC10 front wheel - yellow (3/16 x 5/16" flanged bearing fit)

Mono - 1.9" RC10 front wheel - yellow (3/16 x 5/16" flanged bearing fit)

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Fits - RC10 using 3/16 x 5/16" flanged bearing
Sold in Pairs
Choose Black, White or Yellow color

The Mono wheel is now available for the RC10 Classic vehicle in era correct 1.9" diameter.

The popular dish style wheel is now available for the RC10 Classic. JConcepts has identified all the key points of the 1.9" diameter wheels and positioned them so racers can now have popular Mono flair built for the classic design. The base style of the Mono wheel revolves around the time-tested dish look which has been around since the beginning of RC Racing, but, this time, designed to fit the legendary RC10 vehicle. The JConcepts wheel is built in an extremely durable material with a racing look that combines the winning combination of racing from yesteryear, and competition of today. The Mono front wheel accepts the 3/16" x 5/16" flanged bearing or bushing found on the original and Classic RC10.

Wheel profile, interior ribbing and center core design were all areas of focus while creating the combination of durability, clearance, functionality, and appearance. Available in white, black, and florescent yellow color with a shiny face appearance, being unique is worry free as practically any paint scheme can be matched to these wheels. The hassle-free and lightweight 1-piece design creates the ultimate race and show wheel for any competition.

The RC10 Classic kit tires will also fit the Mono wheels along with JConcepts #3086 Rips, #4025 Bar Codes V1 (coming soon), #4032 Step Spike (coming soon) and require a glue application.

Available in White, Black, and Florescent Yellow with shiny face appearance
Devastatingly handsome
Durable design, finish, and material
Era correct sizing and 1.9" bead mounting size
Hassle free and lightweight 1-piece design

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