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Team Associated Drag Racing DR10M Team Kit ASC-70029

Team Associated Drag Racing DR10M Team Kit ASC-70029

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DR 10M Team Kit ASC-70029

No Prep RC Drag Racing is two things: simplicity and thrilling

Increased Stability, Traction and Handling with the Mid-Motor DR10M

The mid-motor, 4-gear transmission in the all-new DR10M RC Drag Race car offers the advantage of using motor torque rotation to apply downward force to the rear tires. These forces generate additional rear end squat for that off-the-line acceleration which offers more tire-to-surface area contact, giving the DR10M additional rear traction.

The mid-motor set up up shifts the weight distribution forward, reducing front-end lift. Additionally, the motor and tires share the same rotational direction, which produces quicker forward momentum to help you get a faster time across that finish line.

The DR10M Drag Race Team Kit is based on the successful DR10 drag race platform. The DR10M Team Kit features a rear anti-roll bar, 28 precision ball bearings, fully adjustable suspension, vertical ball ends for roll center adjustments, 2.6:1 ratio gearbox with heavy-duty sealed gear differential, and externally adjustable V2 slipper clutch. The new Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock pads provide maximum consistency and higher torque capacity. Look for a No Prep RC Drag Racing event near you--all are welcome. With 132 feet of head-to-head action, you're sure to enjoy the day racing, running for fun, or just checking out the action.

Due to ongoing R&D, photos may not match final kit. Vehicle shown on these pages equipped with items NOT included in kit: Reedy motor, battery, ESC, servo, receiver, wheels, tires, body, radio, fan, and pinion gear. Assembly and painting required.

This vehicle needs extra parts to make it operational. Click on the Specifications tab to see what extra equipment you'll need to make the vehicle operational, such as motor and battery pack.

Key Features
Mid-motor design creates improved traction and control in the vehicle's weight distribution
Durable front and rear wide body mounts
Rigid, 4mm thick carbon fiber rear shock tower
Heavy-duty sealed silicone-filled gear differential
Stiff rear anti-roll bar
Full adjustable double-ladder wheelie bar
Ball bearing wheelie bar wheels with rubber tires for increased straight-line stability
Height adjustable rear gearbox provides the ability to adjust drive shaft angle
All metal gear transmission with hardened steel top shaft
Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock pads for maximum consistency and higher torque capacity
4-gear rear transmission configuration aids in controlling weight movement providing more traction under acceleration

Additional Features
Rear CVA drive shafts for more reliability
V2 12mm Big Bore threaded aluminum shocks
Low center-of-gravity chassis with multiple battery and electronics mounting configurations
Rigid twin deck chassis design
Machined aluminum rear bulkheads
Machined aluminum rear suspension mounts
Rugged steel turnbuckles for adjustable camber and front toe-in
Adjustable suspension geometry
Vertical ball ends for roll center adjustments, front and rear
Many Factory Team options already available
28 precision ball bearings
Metric hardware throughout

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